Small Business Tax and Accounting

Pencils and Pens

Owner/managers of a small business often have no experience in finance but out of necessity find themselves looking after their own books, perhaps with help from a family member or bookkeeper. All too often accounts are made up by an accountant simply to meet legal requirements and deadlines and are not used in day to day decision making. By working closely together we can help ensure your book keeping system gives you useful information all year round. We can also act as a fresh set of eyes and offer business advise and tax planning tips in a timely fashion.

If you are starting your own business we can advise on the best structure for you to use, sole trader, limited company, or community benefit society. We can deal with company formation and take care of Revenue red tape such as registering for VAT and PAYE.

The profits of a small enterprise often fluctuate and you need to stay ahead of the game by predicting your tax bills so you can budget for them. If your profits are falling it is crucial that you are aware of this in time to apply for help such as reduced payments on account of self-assessment or benefits such as tax credits.

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